1. N

    Birch for Adirondack furniture? plus some walnut, spalted maple/oak, ironwood...

    Hi, let's start by saying I know nothing about woodworking but sure do love looking at what you all create! I have an acre lot here in Raleigh (Swift Creek area) and a NCSU/USFS forester has been helping me taking down leaners and thin the woods. So I have a lot of "sticks", some logs (most...
  2. Redwood


    Swing before finish.
  3. Redwood


    Swing and Adirondack Chairs
  4. Redwood


    Finished swing
  5. Eastern Red Cedar Adirondack Chair

    Eastern Red Cedar Adirondack Chair

    My first Adirondack Chair made out of Eastern Red Cedar
  6. Original porch swing

    Original porch swing

    This is the original porch swing I did in 2003. Looks nice and bright in this photo - I didn't keep up with the finish and its pretty dark now. But still comfortable!
  7. Adirondack Porch swing

    Adirondack Porch swing

  8. Adirondack Porch swing

    Adirondack Porch swing

  9. Adirondack Porch swing

    Adirondack Porch swing

    I varied from the plans on this one by inverting the curve on the back - the original one I built per the plans had rounded shoulders and it looked more slumpy to me...
  10. Adirondack Porch swing

    Adirondack Porch swing

    Just finished this swing for my parents. This is my second build of this design - first was for my wife and has been in use for about 10 years. The second one got some design/hardware upgrades and I think it turned out pretty well. The plans are here...
  11. IMG_036551


    Cypress Adirondack and Sling chair
  12. Chair


    I used pine for the chair, and stained it with a mahogany stain. Did it last summer mostly using a Dremel Trio. Really glad to have a jig saw now.
  13. danmart77

    Adirondack Guideboat build Here's a guy up in Baltimore working way on his second GB. He takes great photos and explains things well. Take a look. dan
  14. Sassafras Adirondack chairs

    Sassafras Adirondack chairs

    I usually make these chairs out of cypress, however I scored some sassafras in the TN mountains. They use it for fence posts up there
  15. J

    Looking for Adirondack Chairs

    Guys, THis is my first post to ncwoodworking. Let me apologize in advance if I break any protocols. I searched this site on the topic of Adirondack Chairs and found nothing. I am looking for a good recomendation on someone in the Apex/Holly Springs area who can make me a pair of good...
  16. IMG_03654


    Cypress Sling chair and Adirondack chair
  17. Canuck

    Adirondack Shop Invasion

    Been kinda busy working with about 55 BDFT of fine Cypress lumber from Anchor Hardwoods building Adirondack chairs. This set is destined to a new home my second oldest daughter is moving into today. Closest color I we could find to UNCW teal...... Next on the list was a wee chair for our...
  18. Adirondack chair sample

    Adirondack chair sample

    Chair with a simple oil finish
  19. Bigdog72

    My Wifes Adirondack Rocker

    SWMBO asked for a rocker so I decided to go the adirondack route rather than a more complex design. This was plenty complicated for someone like me who is slowly relearning long forgotten skills. What I liked about this project was the opportunity to use most of the stationery tools in my shop...
  20. Adirondack set

    Adirondack set

    Adirondack set

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