1. B

    Woodmaster 718 planer - 700 bucks

    I don't think it would fit in my garage shop very well, but this looks like a steal. Woodmaster 718 planer (18") with sanding and molding head for $700 in Chapel Hill. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2165778095.html
  2. mike_wood

    DeWalt 718 + stand at Lowe's

    I was in the Pittsboro Lowes today & they had the 718 for $549 plus the DW stand (normally $120) for free. Pretty good deal for someone. They had 3 left.
  3. D

    Woodmaster 718 on CLT CL $1500 (not mine)

    I wish I had the space for it http://charlotte.craigslist.org/tls/1605875296.html
  4. WoodWrangler

    Found: Woodmaster 718

    NOT MINE There is an ad at Woodcraft in Matthews on the back wall that reads: View image in gallery
  5. skysharks

    Woodmaster 718

    Hey all I was just thinking that I should jot down my observations of this machine as I go thru her. I Started off by taking her apart and gave it a good cleaning. Went through the owners manual and lubricated it up. The woodmaster has sealed main bearings, but they still have a grease sert...
  6. WoodWrangler

    Woodmaster 718 Restore & Cleanup

    Well, you knew it was coming ... more pictures of the Woodmaster 718 planer/sander/molder as I began the restore/cleanup process. Luckily everything seems to be in excellent condition (minus some rust and caked on grime) and the motor is solid. Here are some pictures of the project. More are...

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