Suede Tex flocking

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Bruce Swanson
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I really like Suede Tex flocking inside my boxes and drawers. I've always had to mail order it, as the closest supplier to me is Woodcraft in Matthews, over 50 mile walk. It made me very happy to see that Klingspors now has Suede Tex products on their shelves. :) Thank you Coleman! I was ready to order again, as there will be some jewelry boxes needing flocking soon. :eusa_danc


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What about it aggravates you? I've only used it once, but it seemed quite easy and the result was fantastic!


Roy G

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I've not used the flocking, but I have been happy with adhesive-backed felt. It may not work on dividers, but for drawer bottoms, it's great.

Roy G


Used it on a large project. The adhesive was hard to even out. The flocking went everywhere. The results were less than desirable. Maybe it was the brand/kit I was using, but I am not convinced I need another try at it.


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Used it on a large project... You can dry fit the project together and using a thin pencil, mark the inside joints. Disassemble, apply painters tape over areas that will be glued for joinery. Brush on the matching color flock adhesive then remove the tape and flock. This allows you to work on smaller areas at a time. When you reassemble, the flocking will blend together at the joints.

The adhesive was hard to even out... Apply the same way you'd paint (dry to wet). I always ask myself if it's worth adding the price of a good brush to the cost of the project. It usually is (I wrap the brush in saran wrap between uses and keep in the 'fridge). If not, be sure to run the bristles back and forth over your fingers repeatedly to remove loose bristles (also keep a close eye on the glue for stray bristles as you brush on the adhesive).

The flocking went everywhere... This is the nature of flocking. I contain it by using a huge plastic storage tote. I simply lay the tote on its side and place the part inside. After flocking each piece, I don't move anything until the next day. Almost 100% of airborne flocking will settle inside the tote. After removing the piece the next day, just tap on the sides of the tote to collect or remove the excess.

The results were less than desirable... My experience with flocking has taught me that I have to be careful not to apply too much adhesive. This just results in lumpy and unattractive end results. Also, work from the bottom up. The idea is to forcefully shoot the flocking onto the glue and when I went top to bottom the excess flocking would fall onto the glue at the bottom of the piece. This too had unattractive end results.

hope this helps.

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