HOW TO: Seal newly cut wood for bowl blanks?!?!


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That is a pretty neat idea, thank you. One of my limitations is my 10" delta bandsaw and 12" lathe. I am working through it though, got some oak in my driveway I may try to make blanks out of this weekend.
Its a bit more work but you can do a reasonable job with a chainsaw if your turning right away. A bandsaw is ideal, but work with what you got...


bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
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Apparently the disk method has been around a while. I first learned of it from Irish woodturner Liam O'Neill in 1994 at a demo he did for our woodturning club.
At that demo we didn't have any disks so he said it was ok and proceeded to band saw out an almost perfectly round slug from half a log by eye and experience. Amazing. It was the first time I'd seen a bowl gouge operated properly also. Some years later a kid living near Liam started coming over to his shop and learning the woodturning methods. That "kid" (early 20s) would later become a famous woodturner also. Glenn Lucas. It was interesting to see his demo for our club because it was like watching Liam O'Neill again.

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