Dust Collection: Oneida Supercell High-Pressure Dust Collectors


Anyone in the Triangle have one of these in their shop?

I am looking to upgrade and would like to hear one of these running.

David Joyner
Pittsboro, NC


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I have one & it is loud & puts out a lot of heat. You do not want to forget to put on hearing protection before turning on. Never measured it (I will tomorrow) but has to be in the 80+ decibel range. I lucky I don’t have any close neighbors.


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I was actually close to buying one and the feedback I was getting on the noise factor turned me away. Plus I would have to redo all my ducts.

If I were starting from scratch and could put it in a block walled room, I’d consider it.

What attracted me was the idea that you could collect stuff you’d normally use a shop vac for.


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I ultimately decided against the supercell for noise reasons even though it’s probably a great choice for a small shop with a mix of 4“ and 2 1/2” or smaller tools like I have. If I had an Isolated room to put it in I would have considered it. I gave serious thought to a camvac from record power tools since it has the ability to turn off each of the three motors and has noise baffles but didn’t want to deal with adding a cyclone onto it. Hooked on Wood YouTube channel has a great build of a camvac but I decided it wasn’t what I wanted.


Sounds like the Supercell is out for me then. My "shop" is a two and a half car garage connected to my house.


I have come back around to thinking the SC might be the best option for me (mainly for the space savings). If there is anyone with one in the Triangle willing to have me over to their shop to hear and see one in action that would be extremely helpful.



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To me it is a super sized shop vacuum. Could work for some but I like my setup with a HF 2HP DC set up in the corner of my shop in about 18x18 inches of space and a shop vac with it's own cyclone and hepa filtration for the small tools. It takes up more space in my small shop but I fill the 70 gallon collection box under the cyclone of the DC more than once on good sized furniture projects. I hate to think how many times I would fill the little bin on the Supercell. I wonder if I could run even one board through the planner to completion. My DC exhausts through the shop wall, my shop is not heated or cooled. My DC is not very loud but the tools it connects to are so I still wear hearing protection but less noise is welcome. I think the big issue I would have with a supercell is with my jointer and planner. They just generate a LOT of chips. The supercell might collect them OK but I fear I would be constantly emptying the dust bin. I also think even my 2hp DC flows more air than the supercell would move.


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I went from a dust atomizer to a big ClearView 5 HP. Starting to think it was a mistake. It is great for the planer and jointer bug chips but for dust I have had better luck with my Fein vac. In the Kapex, I stuck a cheap Ridgid shop vac on it as it pulled more air ( yea, I use a gauge) at the port. Other than the high pressure Oneida, there is that funky green can with one to three motors. Still need a cyclone, but not the monster I have now. Table saw is the problem, but again I am thinking a narrow focused high speed port in the right place would work a lot better than just sucking from the cabinet. Testing on the band saw came to the same conclusion. The answer may be a bank of cheap shop vacs. Always, either exhaust outside or HEPA filter. The Harvey is quieter, but I have heard of issues of it clogging.

Only the Fein/Festool/Makita/3M dust collectors are quiet enough to not require hearing protection. Regular shop vacs make as much or more noise than my big ClearView.


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I have one. It is loud, but I can run it in my basement with my kids asleep on the other side of the house and not wake them up! I have the 50gal drum so it takes me a long time to fill it up. Sucks up everything. Use it with 4 and 2.5 inch hoses. Love the small footprint too.

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