Does anyone know of a carpenter or contractor that can do work in Valentines, VA?


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My Daughter is building a house in Valentines, VA. and is having a difficult time finding a contractor or carpenter in the area to help with some general carpentry work like installing windows, patio doors, basement stairs, deck/balcony.

Thought I would reach out here on the chance that one of our members does this kind of work or maybe knows someone that does.

Thanks is advance for any help you can provide.


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Mark that is right down the road from me. We have several good friends in Valentines. I hope you will stop in sometime when you come to visit. This area is not well known for having lots of good trade people and it is worse now with all the building. The one I have heard a lot of positives about is Daniels Construction. She should also go out to the Lake Gaston Community Page on Facebook. Log into Facebook

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