1. B

    Need info on having chairs upholstered

    One of my friends has 4 kitchen chairs that they need upholstered. They used to have webbing on them and the owners are now looking to have fabric or leather. I'm looking for any recommendations on companies or individuals in the Raleigh area. A pic of the chair is below. Thanks to all-...
  2. R

    upholstered chair repair?

    We have a winged back upholstered chair with a broken front leg. The leg splintered too badly to repair it. It will need to be replaced. Not sure what kind of wood it is - hardwood with stain. Anyone here willing to tackle it? The upholstery will have to be loosened and pulled back out of...
  3. John Reeves

    Upholstered rocking chair

    I am refurbishing a circa 1920 rocking chair made by Biggs or Briggs in Richmond. I have dissembled all of the joints, made the internal prices and kept the Cuban Mahogany. The seat is made with coil springs. I have tied the bottom and secured them in place. Should I also tie the tops? )They...

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