table top

  1. E

    Best custom wood working shops in North Carolina?

    Hello, I was told to come post this here from the folks over at the LumberJock forum. Pardon me if this is in the wrong area but I am working on a medium sized apartment complex renovation and need a bit of advice. I need 58 custom table tops & nightstands built for this project. I have all of...
  2. M

    Need to part with some Black Gun (Black Tupelo) Slabs

    This week my better half informed me I have to get rid of some of the lumber I have stacking up. In order to appease her I have a number of Black Gum (Black Tupelo) slabs available. Almost all are live edge slabs ranging in width from 16"-30" inches and from 8/4 through 12/4 in thickness...
  3. Ed Fasano

    Help / advice with breadboard ends.

    I’m well along with a maple husky farm/harvest table with turned legs. It’s now time to tackle the breadboard ends for the top. Fearing a catastrophic mistake at this stage, I’m unsettled with the most accurate and safest means of routing the tenons on the ends of the 38” x 60” x 1” thick top...
  4. benwise

    walnut dining room table

    Hi there, I'm new here as a member, though I've been reading through these threads and benefitting from them for a while now. (everyone here is so nice!) So I thought I'd throw out a question about a project I'm working on. It is a massive dining room table made from walnut--my wife and I...

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