1. marking gauge

    marking gauge

  2. Cherry silver chest Charlie Buchanan

    Cherry silver chest Charlie Buchanan

    Cherry three drawer silver chest approx 19 in. x 15 in. (d) x 35 1/4 in. Dovetailed case on stand. Drawer secondary wood is poplar. Drawers have silver cloth covered slip bottoms. Top drawer is fitted with silver cloth covered shopmade flatware racks which are removable. Brasses are from...
  3. flyrod444

    Silver Maple sent to Eastern NC

    In my earlier post I didn't have any pic's of the large Maple rounds that Mike Smith and I loaded up onto his trailer manually. Here are a few pictures of it on his trailer after he got it home. I didn't measure it but I would have to guess it is around 40" +. It had some nice spalting around...
  4. Kyle

    Burly Silver Maple

    Slabbed out a Monster Silver Maple Burled trunk today.. The size was 48" x 8' and was loaded with burl eyes, swirls and spikes and curl along with spalting.. 10 slabs total at2.5" thick each.. Have another section to saw, but will make 24" wide billets from those.
  5. Eaglesc

    Silver ladders

    I had originally wanted this to be my last pen of 2007.Things don't always happen as I plan them.(I don't make the rules) Appearances are deceiving and though the camera doesn't lie this pen has more issues that The Saturday Evening Post. All in all I consider it a success even though I do not...

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