1. TracyP

    Let's discuss the potential reopening of the Off Topic Forum.....

    Fellow staff members, This will be a discussion as to the future of the Off Topic Forum. My intentions are to let this thread run for a minimum of two weeks, up to a maximum of four weeks. The off topic forum has been a thorn in the Staff's side for quite some time. Most of the policy...
  2. SteveColes

    Re-Opening the Off Topic thread

    This was the second time I have felt it necessary to provide a "time Out" :rotflm:for the Off Topic forum. The first time, we renamed it from "get it off your chest" to Off Topic. The thinking was that the old title was giving implicit permission to flame things and people and that anything...
  3. Douglas Robinson

    I WON something at the WC Re-opening!!

    I just got a call from Woodcraft. I won a diamond sharpening system at the drawing from last weekends grand reopening!!!:gar-Bi:eusa_danc:toothy9::wav::qgreenjum:5wolverin Whooooo hoooo!!! I almost never win. I wonder who won the $1000 gaift certificate?:icon_scra Doug
  4. GeorgeL

    Raleigh WoodCraft Grand Re-Opening Sale

    The Raleigh WoodCraft had their grand re-opening sale yesterday and today (Feb 8th & 9th) Did you go? If so, what did you get? George

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