1. mkepke

    Porta-mate 1000 mobile base problem

    I put my RAS onto the Portamate 1000 base from the HD clearance (thanks again BAS) - and almost immediately bent one of the aluminum cams used for levering the wheels into position. The manual says the base is rated for 400#..my RAS weighs 300-ish. Hard to believe I have a 'bad' cam..these...
  2. Bas

    Portamate mobile base at Home Depot

    The Home Depot in Cary has 12 (well, 11 now :-D) Portamate mobiles bases. They look very similar to the HTC mobile bases, Amazon has a picture. They're $29.95 - a pretty good bargain. Even if you used HF casters, you'd be hard pressed to build it for that price. Weight rating is 400lb. Don't...

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