1. JOAT

    An Idiot's Guide To Cane Making

    Or, in other words, almost anyone can make a wooden cane, it ain't rocket science. Decided to make another spare cane. First one was of oak flooring, planed to 1/2"X1" and glued so I've got a cane 1"X1", nicely sturdy, not really heavy, well balanced. This one will be like my present cane...
  2. J

    Call me an IDIOT!

    Today, I was dadoing the sides of a couple of cabinets for the "Y". The backs will be 3/4" ply, as there is a coat hook board below. It is easier to hang coat hook board, then rest cabinet on it. These go on a block wall. I started to build my stacked dado set, but got called away for about...
  3. Joe Scharle


    From the looks of things on the board, Santa has/will be delivering a lot of dovetail jigs this year. And for no particular reason, I was reminded of one of my first lessons from my trim man in 1965, when I started building. Back then, built-in-place cabinets were the hallmark of custom home...

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