1. Bas

    WW cl@ss - fliptop cabinet part 5: Installing the drawer, casters and supports

    Fliptop cabinet part 1 Fliptop cabinet part 2 Fliptop cabinet part 3 Fliptop cabinet part 4 Nothing complicated in this part, basically finishing up the drawer and supports to get ready for trimming the edges. Installing the drawer Installing a single drawer is not that difficult...
  2. PeteM

    Extreem Flip-top Workbench

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6cLgIr36pE&feature=related pete
  3. Bas

    WW cl@ss - fliptop cabinet part 4: Building the drawer

    Fliptop cabinet part 1 Fliptop cabinet part 2 Fliptop cabinet part 3 Making the drawer parts If this is your first drawer, you may be somewhat intimidated by the use of slides. I certainly was. Before you start making the drawer, make sure you have the slides in hand. I purchased a set from...
  4. Bas

    WW cl@ss - fliptop cabinet part 3: Building the rotating platform

    Fliptop cabinet part 1 Fliptop cabinet part 2 Making the platform parts Surprisingly, building the platform is the easy part in this project. Trim the platform shelves by 1/8” down to 20 7/8”. This will give you 1/16” of clearance on either side, enough for the washers that will be used as...
  5. Bas

    WW cl@ss - fliptop cabinet part 2: Building the carcass

    Fliptop cabinet part 1 Note: This is cabinet making 101. If you’ve ever made a bookcase, this is pretty straightforward, but I decided to err on the side of caution and add a lot of detail. Cutting the panels and joints The first step is cutting the plywood panels to size. You...
  6. Bas

    WW cl@ss - fliptop cabinet part 1: Measurements & Material list

    Pictures of the completed stand Preamble to this WW class The measurements for this project are more of a guideline, since you will have to tailor it to your tools and preferences. See diagram 1 below. Diagram 1 I measured the width of my miter saw, added ½”, and determined the...
  7. Bas

    Mobile multi-functional shop utility convertible fliptop miter saw/ sander stand

    One of the first tools I bought for my shop was a miter saw. This was before I had even gotten into woodworking, I just needed something to cut 2x4's and baseboard. It's actually not a bad saw, but it had two problems: 1. It took up a lot of space on my workbench :no: 2. It produced a lot of...
  8. Monty

    My version of the flip-top cabinet

    This cabinet is inspired by some flip-top cabinets I've seen on the web. I wanted something like Slambubba's cabinet (which comes from one of the Wood Magazine "Idea Shop" plans). The main thing I don't like about that design is that you're limited to only two big tools. Because the...

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