1. M

    Raleigh Craiglsist - 2 Crescent 20" Band Saws

    FYI - I just posted (2) 20" Crescent band saws on Craigslist. There's a detailed description in the ad, but if anyone here has questions let me know or send a PM. Pic of the 2 saws pasted below
  2. Mike Camp

    Paging Sully - 15" Crescent Jointer on Raleigh CL

    Not mine. Looks like it is fully rusted and ready for restoration, but I must say the paint doesn't look all that bad from the picture. Not sure if the price is good or not, but I don't see these pop up on craigslist very often. Crescent 15" Joiner - $700 (Youngsville) 3 phase built-in...
  3. S

    Crescent bandsaw: Durham $500


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