1. J

    Woodcraft Bands Great Customer Service!

    Last week, I posted about breaking a band saw blade, and needing to order a replacement. Well yesterday morning around 9:00 AM, I called Woodcraft Bands and ordered two. Today, the postman brought them. Next day service and great prices, you can't beat that.
  2. M

    Bandsaw Blades from Woodcraft Bands

    I just received some more bandsaw blades from Woodcraft Bands. He is a small NC based company and his blades are outstanding. He ships quick, and best of all you cannot beat his prices. I highly recommend him. He also sells scrollsaw, hacksaw and holesaw blades. His phone # is 828-297-6081. And...
  3. Badabing

    Pen Question: how do you cut custom center bands?

    I mistakenly stumbled onto the option of making a custom center band for a pen*. I used a 2 inch piece of ebony, glued in a brass tube, turned it down to the diameter of the pen and then tried to cut slices off it (about the width of a standard center band). Well, this didn't work so good on...

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