1. Flared Aspen Bowl

    Flared Aspen Bowl

    This bowl is made from Aspen using a scroll saw. The flare design required making a double cut at two different angles with the scroll saw. I used geometry to get the angle I wanted.
  2. Aspen & Tigerwood Bowl

    Aspen & Tigerwood Bowl

    This bowl was made from Aspen and Tigerwood. This unusual design was created by cutting and gluing a wedge of Tigerwood to Aspen. You can see the 'eye of the Tiger' (I think a knot) in the base. I cut this using a scroll saw. There are five segments to this bowl.
  3. S


    I've got some antarsia projects coming up and would like to use some aspen. Any ideas if it's available locally? The sites I've check out online don't list it. Thanks, SJ

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