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    Period Furniture - Colonial American - Reference Material

    I have posted information about some of the digital offerings by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMoA) in New York City.


    I noticed that they recently changed their offering for one of their seminal books of American Colonial furniture.


    Formerly, the MMoA offered an online preview of this book. You can now download the entire title as a pdf. Itís a fantastic book and a spectacular deal thatís now free. I paid a serious chunk of folding money for my hard-copy version of this book!

    For anyone interested in studying or reproducing American furniture of this era, this book and the associated online photos are an amazing resource. Many of the pieces in the book are described with much greater detail than just about any other reference material available. Information generally includes specific wood species along with some relatively detailed dimensions.

    The online photos are at reasonably higher resolution which makes it far easier to scale the dimensions of specific elements.


    If youíre interested in this type of furniture, this material is well worth the look.

    Also online, some of the best of the Newport furniture:


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