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    Re: Cross cut with hand plane?

    Thank you for asking this question.
    I often wonder how people learn. I am not sure who I heard it from first, but I happened to know about "Traversing" or "cross-grain" planeing with a radius-ed (cambered) blade.
    Now, if I learned it from Christopher Schwarz or Paul Sellers... I understood it when Mike Davis showed me!
    So the short answer is yes Virginia, we can "plane across the grain!"

    My real reason for writing is that I wonder how many times we are in our "personal spaces" and someone else has the answer to our question, but we are either to sheepish to ask or simply continue on as we were taught or learned ourselves? I had a teacher tell me once "Hank, have your heard of the curse of knowledge?" Of course I answered "no!" he went on to explain that once we learn something or know something we are cursed... I said "huh?"
    He said we humans think we are pretty smart and because of that when we don't know something, a lot of times we don't ask, just so we are not embarrassed... on the other hand when we learn something, we consider "common knowledge or somewhat simple" we tend not to pass that knowledge along since we assume "EVERYONE" must know this simple concept, fact or "Trick."

    So you see, we need to actively pass our knowledge, especially in a craft that is no longer taught - someone out there WILL benefit!

    Thank you David - you have potentially enlightened a few thousand forum members and guests on this wonderful forum that many times functions as my "ANTI-curse of knowledge!"
    People are amazed as a shaving rises from the throat of a plane as if it’s a spell plucked from a sorcerer’s hand – Paul Sellers

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