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    Re: new member in Indian Trail

    Welcome aboard Tom

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    Re: new member in Indian Trail

    Welcome to NCWW Tom. I'm in Matthews and worked in Indian Trail before retiring. As far as tablesaws go, you have tons to choose from but here is some info that, in my opinion, will get you a lifetime tool that performs very well.

    You will want a saw that is capable of performing the type of cuts, and can be adjusted to do them accurately, to accomplish your woodworking goals. Since you are interested in furniture, that would be a minimum 3HP cabinet saw. Not a hybrid.

    New or used, get a saw with a riving knife. This is much safer.

    If you have the room, get a saw with extended rails. In the saw specifications, that would be approx 50" rip capacity. If room is an issue, there are work arounds for working with less rip capacity.

    Saw blades. Buy ONLY good quality blades. They cost 2 to 5 times as much as a cheap blade, but will pay for themselves many many times over. A good blade may last a lifetime, makes vastly superior cuts, and is safer. For furniture you will need a rip blade, crosscut blade and dado set. You can get by at first with just one good combo blade.

    Many of the less expensive full sized cabinet saws are very similar in fit finish and quality. Brand new they will cost $1,300-$2,000. Jet, Steel City, Rikon, Grizzly...the list of brands goes on. Used, expect to pay about half of the new cost.

    Saw Stop is basically about the same in fit and function as the less expensive versions with the exception of their blade safety feature. That feature cost more and its up to you if its worth the money. IMHO it is. They were not available when I bought my saw, or I would own one now.

    I have a Grizzly model 1023, no riving knife, no extended rails. Not a hypocrit, just didn't know what features I needed when I bought the saw.

    I will not get into the very high end sliding saws. I can't afford one and am jealous of those who do

    Lastly, review the proper use and safety of operating the saw. Adjusting the saw, setting up for each kind of cut, and observing safe use is a huge factor in end results.

    If you would like to stop by some time to talk saws or woodworking or safety, just ask.
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