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    DIY Dust Deputy - finally!

    I purchased a Deluxe Dust Deputy (actually, I think it was through an Oneida ad on NCWW) a couple years ago and I really liked it. So I decided to get a second one to use in a separate area, but I thought I would try using the DIY Dust Deputy that is less expensive and only includes the cyclone.

    I assumed I already had all the other components that are included in the Deluxe Dust Deputy Kit. Turns out, I was missing a critical item, and I couldn’t find anything that would work.


    But, I think I figured it out. HF sells inexpensive Drawer Lining for tools chests. The price was right and after cutting my gasket, I had a use for the rest of the roll of liner.

    I now have a couple of hours of run time on the DIY Dust Deputy and the HF gasket seems to be working perfectly!

    So, if you’re considering outfitting you shop vacuum with a cyclone, I can now highly recommend both the Deluxe Dust Deputy Kit and the DIY Dust Deputy cyclone.

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