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    Sharpening planer knives and chisels

    For years I used the Makita spinning water stone tool to sharpen planer knives up to 18" long. It has been a great tool for this kind of work.

    Along comes the Worksharp 3000 and I don't use the Makita for much other than sharpening planer knives for myself and friends.

    Well, a few weeks back I took my 3 knife cutter-head out of my DW 735 planer and installed a Byrd Shelix head.

    Now my poor little Makita sits in the corner all lonely gathering dust.

    No -- my tool is not clean like the photo of the new one below. I do have 2 stones for it and they are both almost new. It comes with the holder you see in the photo.


    I watch this guy from time to time(Ask Woodman) and I like his improvements and comments on lots of woodworking related subjects. The address above is a breakdown of the tool done by Allan.

    So... I'm thinking of selling it maybe to someone on the site who likes flat grinding and needs an easy and reliable way of getting planer blades back in shape.

    Bonus a backup DW 735 cutter head and some spare blades to practice on.

    If you only buy new and you think this might be something you'd like to have in your shop, checkout Highland Hardware in Atlanta. They carry this little beast.

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    Re: Sharpening planer knives and chisels

    I sharpen my planer blades by hand on diamond stones, that may be a little easier. I have the 734 so don't think I could use the cutter head.

    Let me know the price and I'll think about it.

    One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man." -Elbert Hubbard


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