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    Dust Collection Setup In New Shop

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    I just hauled off and bought an entire woodworking shop. In one fell swoop I got about 80% of what I would actually have after running all over 3 states buying items one or two at a time stretched out over 2 years. Whoopee. My basic problem: I bought a two car garage shop and have a one car garage and a side room to put it all in, plus I have 8' ceilings. I got a Jet standup dust collector and who knows how many feet of 4" hose, shut off gates, connectors, and strap clamps. I just can't see the room to run the hoses around the perimeter of the shop or across the ceiling.

    Currently I'm using a 10", 15 amp portable contractor saw, and it's connected to a 6 hp, 2 1/2" hose vacuum. This set up works great. I would like to continue using this compact sawdust collection system, and just roll it from tool to tool as needed. So, two questions. Is this practical (my new saw is a Powermatic 66 and other dust makers are equivalent sized machinery), and where would I get 4" to 2 1/2" reducer connectors?
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    Re: Dust Collection Setup In New Shop

    4" to2 1/2" are readily available from Klingspors along with variuos other woodworking stores and online.

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    Re: Dust Collection Setup In New Shop

    As noted, Klingspor has a great selection. On-line, you can get fittings at Rockler as well, and you'd be surprised what you can find in the plumbing department at the big box stores.

    A couple of things to consider:

    • The smaller dust collectors (~1.5hp) don't have the capacity for a large run of duct work. One or two short branches is generally OK
    • While duct work takes up space along the wall, that is usually 'dead' space. To run the collector from tool to tool you need to either move the collector on a mobile base, or have a long hose, or both. Floor space is usually more precious than wall space. It's easy to trip over the hose/ cord as well
    • The smaller dust collectors are great for capturing chips and shavings, but less for for the fine dust. A shopvac will often do better
    • Adding a trash can separator with Thien baffle will dramatically reduce the amount of dust/ chips in the bag/ filter. Much easier to empty out that way. This assumes you're planing your own lumber, if not this is less useful
    • Duct/ hose size diameter matters. Too small and you'll restrict the airflow too much, too large and the velocity is too low for dust to make it to the bag. 4" is about right for a 1.5hp machine, I would not go to 2.5" until you step down at the tool

    I suggest you give the roll-around method a try, and see how you like it. If it works for you - great! But I'd keep the other parts until you're sure.
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