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    Re: Evolution of Jointery

    Floating tenons were very commonly used on some of the oldest examples of wooden boat and shipbuilding. They were found mostly in the ships planking where cutting a tenon out of a plank would be a significant waste of timber. I can see the value of loose tenons in a lot of woodworking projects. I bought my first Kregg screw-joint tools only a couple of years ago. It did a good job on a cabinet repair. Though functional, I use the tool mainly for installing bracing that will never be seen or in for repairs where other methods of attachment would be difficult or impossible. I can't imagine building a project where the primary fastening method was pocket hole screws.

    I just finished up a work bench that evolved a lot during construction. Near the end I decided to install drawers instead of storage shelves. With the bench mostly already built, I used pocket screws to attach the vertical 3/4" plywood drawer dividers to the base of the work bench. The pocket screws worked well and they can't be seen, unless you pull out the bottom drawers. My new ham radio table has triangular braces that are attached to the frame with pocket screws. The table top is attached to the frame with pocket screws too. These are strong connections that will never be seen until someone take the table apart.

    The leg assembly used 3/8" dowels and glue. My Jessem doweling jig makes joints like this pretty easy.


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    Thanks everyone! I have my homework now. Definitely need to learn the history of those methods and more about the floating tenons. I plan on learning every type of joint i can. I'm not looking to mass produce anything at the moment. At least until I give up my day job. I'm more passionate about the process and creating something that will be cherished.
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