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    Remaining Salvage Give Away

    By way of channeling Phil Soper, I have some things I would like to offer to the NCWW community. I have a storage unit that I need to empty and I have a few things that may be of interest to some of you. If anyone sees anything that they would like, they should reply to me so we can make arrangements.

    The storage unit is located just off Interstate 85 on the eastern edge of Durham. Following is the inventory of items I would like to give away:

    · 4 table tops of assorted sizes and 3 table leaves. These make wonderful jigs as they are flat and very stable. I used one to build my outfeed table and it is working very well for me
    · 1 large electric retractable projection screen (approximately 10 feet x 8 feet)
    · 1 Oak cabinet 29 ½ high, 45 wide, 24 deep
    · 1 Cabinet 28 ¼ high, 60 wide, 30 deep
    · 2 cherry over-desk cabinets
    · 3 Oak panels
    · 4 mirrors commercial (approximately 24 x 36)
    · Heavy duty shelf brackets and supports
    · Numerous plates of glass of miscellaneous shapes and sizes

    Photos are attached…



    Attached Images Attached Images

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