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    Re: Old School Desk refinishing project - wife is doing it!

    A small ball pin hammer will work in your favor. Tap around in the general vicinity of where you think a 3/8" hole would be. Or, take a needle or straight pin and probe around. Chances are, you will find the voids underneath the veneer where the screw heads are.
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    Re: Old School Desk refinishing project - wife is doing it!

    Decide what to do with the top first (wife's priority/unsightly stains, etc). Something like this with mineral spirits for cleaning and then a cabinet scraper/card scraper to follow up (CAREFUL, veneer).


    A bit more of my curiosity. Lots of these desks were made from solid oak so why is yours veneered in what appears to be oak? How about probing around the inside of the desk frame and drawers to see what's underneath the veneer layers. The drawer sides in pic 1 are suspicious looking so maybe a few more detailed pics will help.

    BTW, her plan was to stain the desk top a dark color and antique the rest of the desk.
    You folks will have to explain what you mean and how you intend to do that. I don't understand a dark color stain on the top and the so-called antique look.
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