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    Mobile users attaching images

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    I want to be clear that I am an Android mobile user that uses Chrome. IOS may differ completely and other Android users may experience differences as well. This is MY experience. Yes, it's added steps but after doing it a few times, it really becomes "no big deal". This allows for insertion of images in your posts instead of just links.

    Upload your pics into your gallery. When you desire to insert an image(s) into a post, click the camera icon shown below.

    This will open your gallery (shown below). Merely click the image you want to insert. If you're wanting to insert multiple images, click them in the order you desire to have them displayed in your post.

    You may not get any visible "action". No confirmation or "next", or "finish" or anything of the sort. The images have been inserted into your post when you clicked the pics. To exit the gallery (as shown above), simply click the BACK button or arrow at the bottom of your device. There in your text version of the post your making, you will see inserted IMG codes of the images you selected. Feel free to click "preview post" to see what you've got and edit as you wish.

    Good luck!
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