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    Stanley County Agri/Civic Day....I'm Officially Stupid

    It is now official, I am old, senile, blind and STUPID!! When the original announcement for the Stanley County Agri/Civic Day was posted, I signed up to volunteer. Albemarle is only about 30 miles from my house and I could finally give back to NCWW by volunteering. I could meet some other members and be a part of the action. Yeah boy, you betcha, all in, ready to go. My problem, I marked August 12th on my calendar and planned accordingly. It never occurred to me to double check the date and somehow (blind) didn't see the correct date on any of the responses which I followed closely, but apparently not close enough. Well, I'm up at 6 this morning, have breakfast, pack a cooler of water for the booth and volunteers, and off I go. When I arrive at the Stanley County Agri/Civic Center at 8:45 (the event is scheduled to start at 9) my first reaction on observing a completely empty parking lot, no displays or booths set up, no visible people, was, Boy, they sure do wait till the last minute to set up! After circling around the empty parking lot, I drive back out to where I can see the scrolling events sign in front of the center. This, and I am absolutely sure of this because I checked it about 20 times, stated that the Agri/Civic Day was August 13, from 9 till 3. Oh, it is tomorrow? That doesn't make sense. We are in the Bible Belt. Who in their right mind schedules a community wide event that starts at 9 am on Sunday? I turn around and drive thru the parking lot in the front of the center and there on the front of the building is a giant banner declaring "Agri/Civic Day, August 19, 9am till 3 pm. Since it was obvious at this point that nothing was going on at the center today, I drive back home. It was a really pretty drive both to and from the center as I go thru the country on a back road with absolutely zero traffic. I'm just glad I only live 45 minutes from Albemarle and didn't choose to make my first volunteer effort at an event 2 1/2 hours away. I got back home and checked the notices of the event and, yes, they all say August 19th. I'll see you all next Saturday.

    Rob Liles

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    Re: Stanley County Agri/Civic Day....I'm Officially Stupid

    You get points for effort Rob. And now your car knows the way. Baring any problems on my end, I'll see you next week. Carry on, and thanks for the effort.
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