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    Re: Plywood vs. solid wood

    It is complete.

    The two lower shelves are where drawers will eventually go. But for now the caddy is complete because it can fulfill the purpose for which I made it. The smaller shelf will probably get an actual drawer. The lower space will be where my rabbet plane box will go. Actually it will be a briefcase style box that will hold the smaller planes including rabbet, two routers, trim, shoulder, bullnose and their accessories.

    This is just a modeled photo to see what I could put on the caddy at one time. I can't imagine a time when I would have this many tools on it at once. I wanted to be sure it wouldn't tip over or have any mobility issues. The spot where the chisels fit in is a box. The top is removable so I can clean out the box or use it for an additional tool tray as seen below.

    Set up for assembly work

    It fits nicely in the back of Kia, without putting seats down, for taking to work

    And it stores easily in my garage. The fact that the wheels straddle the bottom of my workbench was not planned but a very nice bonus. I thought I would have to store it on its top.
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    Re: Plywood vs. solid wood

    Looks great Richo. I may have to build one myself, although my work in IT doesn't require these tools (some days that wouldn't be a bad option though!).

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