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    How to change profile "location".

    Type of Help Needed: Problem
    Where: Main Site

    Go to the "Settings" control panel (upper right-hand of every screen), then select "Edit Profile" from the sidebar menu. From there you can enter your Zipcode in the Zipcode field (you will need to re-enter your Zipcode here, then either tab or click away from the entry box to see the list of possible city/town names, if applicable). If your Zipcode has multiple town names associated with it in our Zipcode database then you will be presented with a new field just below the Zipcode that includes a pull-down list of possible town/city choices (these choices are defined by the USPS, if curious) from which you may select the city or town that you feel is most appropriate. However, if there are no alternative city/town names associated with your Zipcode then you will not see that pull-down list of city and town choices. After changing your selection, remember to click the submission button at the bottom of the page to save your changes (no changes are committed until saved).

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