WTB Wood for Yarn Bowl

What kind of wood is needed?

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  • Wood without knots or cracks

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Flute Maker

I need a easy to turn wood to make a yarn bowl for a lady I know. I thought I had something to use for it but it didn’t work out.
I need a piece that after turning it would be 7” by 8” ( size given to me by the lady it will be for) or a little smaller. So maybe a piece 11” by 11” before turning. I need it to be dry.
TIA !!!
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That's a pretty big yarn bowl :) The ones I make I start off with a round 6" diameter x 4" thick blank.

I think you have two options if you want dry:
Got Wood has a large selection of kiln dried blanks. Use the search by size option in the menu to get what you want. They're based in SC, so shipping is very quick.

Other option would be to do a segmented bowl with any dry lumber. Would be more work, but less expensive for the materials.

Flute Maker

The lady had mentioned 7” by 5”.. I’m sort on uncharted territory for me.. Turned a lot of stuff …bowls, flutes,etc…. I’ll check Got wood out. Thanks

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