What ww'ing project kills the most people?


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Well yeah, Having woodworkers Jerry rig electricity ........ yeah what possibly could go wrong :oops: :rolleyes: .

IF you do not understand how to do this safely,,,,,, best not to engage.

..... :( ;)


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I would say attempting Fracturing, if I recall 2 people just passed away earlier this month from their attempt.

Edit: Nvm thats what your video is about


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How many electricians on here that never got shocked?

When I was just a kid, I use to show off, by running a motor with one spark plug wire in my hand and let the spark jump from my other hand to ground. Who knows, maybe that is why the coordination in my right hand is not the best today.

I once put a 240V circuit into the home and was working on the outside distribution panel, while my wife was having a conversation with the neighbor on the sidewalk. Long story short, the fish tape slipped and touched the live incoming feed and basically evaporated with a large bang and a cloud of smoke. I could never figure out which was the worst, the look on their faces, or mine.

I have seen some pretty bad fatalities through my career though, working on high voltage distribution where folks follow protocol and someone makes a mistake.


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If someone is interested, you can use a welder for this, not a mig unit a stick machine.


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Indeed, risky enough for even trained electricians because anyone can make a mistake or get distracted - we’re all human. Untrained folks should seek advice from a qualified person or hire someone before tackling any electrical work.

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