What type of Shoes to you wear in your Workshop?


I'd really recommend building some wooden platforms for places you spend a lot of time standing. Something with more give than a mat. I've spent most of the last ten years working outside on dirt or on wooden floors without much issue. I worked in a mechanic shop on a slab for about six months once and my feet were always bothering me. Concrete floors are punishment for the body in general.


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My latest ones are the sketcher work shoes with steel toes with my orthotics. I've also learn to sit down when I can vs standing for long periods of time I had a shop stool and never used it when I should :)


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Mostly New Balance leather sneakers like 608. However I have been known to wear sandals in the summer and work boots in the winter.


I should wear my steel toes, but I am usually in running shoes, and put a floor mat in front of the workbench.
Currently sporting a black and blue big left toenail from something I dropped on it months ago.


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Sebago Docksides in the summer, unless I'm in and out around the yard. I'll wear leather boots when working outside or am in and out of the shop, and in the cooler months. I recently bought some Merrell Hommes because they slip on, but they aren't as comfortable as I had hoped. I can't remember how many years old (10+) the Docksides are, but the leather is giving out at the seams and I've resown some stitching. I can stand and/or walk for hours in them no problems and I'm not looking forward to having to give them up.


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A lot of guys seem to be wearing more protective gear. I've dropped a number of things and maybe I've been lucky. Or I have quick feet and danced out of the way.
Ok, whatever makes you comfortable and safe. I have both New Balance walking shoes and a couple of styles of Crocs but I don't fret about which one to wear in the shop whatever I'm going to be doing.

Steel toed work boots were a requirement in the Steel Mills but they're way overkill in a woodworking shop! My opinion.
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I pretty much wear my New Balance velco-strap walkers (my wife says she's married to the worlds oldest two year old who can't tie his shoes).


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Merrill Jungle Mocs so that I can easily kick them off in the carport and not track Zoysia “turds” into the house.

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