What am I supposed to do with this...

Charles Lent

Corporate Member
When doing something like this, I not only bag and label everything, but I take cell phone pictures, so I can see how it was together before I took it apart, to help me put it back together the same way.


bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
Senior User
Excellent strategy when taking something that complicated apart for the first time.
That quick change gear box will keep you busy.
When you get finished, you'll OWN that lathe. You will have done your aunt and uncle proud.

The dinged up oil cap on the headstock is likely some sort of Gits oil cup. No big deal.

Chris C

Senior User
I think I'm going to tackle the apron first... If I can figure how to get the screw out. Then I'll move to the qcgb.

I'm in no hurry but with my garage filled to the rafters with stuff I don't have room to do much else until the new shop gets done.


Corporate Member
Thanks for posting your progress. I’ve enjoyed seeing what you are doing with it. I’m super jealous.

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