What am I supposed to do with this...

Chris C

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So my aunt told me she had a metal lathe that belonged to my uncle sitting in a barn. Mine if I wanted it. She said it was small and hadn't been used in a while.


All I know is it's a Sheldon. 3 phase motor but it has a converter installed.

Luckily I carried my trailer with me and there was a loader there to load it. Not what I was expecting.

I wanted to turn small parts like ferrules and such..... But this thing is a beast.

Anybody shed any light on this thing?

Michael Mathews

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Reminds me of my old Southbend metal lathe! Looks like there's a restoration in your future!

Looks like it also has a threading box on it. That's a plus! You can cut OD and ID threads with it!


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I think scrap is only going for 25 cents a pound so best to restore it and use it.


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With a little elbow grease and some hard work you’d have yourself a really nice lathe for what you’re wanting to do. I hope it restores well, it’s a cool piece


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All of the moving parts are free.... Carriage, tailstock, etc. The paint is all but gone but there isn't much serious rust. I was told I'd was working... Just hasn't been used in years. I have hope that it won't be too difficult to restore.
That's fine, enjoy the restoration and send us pics during the WIP.


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Wow cool project. If you are going to restore it (I hope you do) I would do it in an area where you can work 360deg and outside under a carport or something. Use rust remover on unit, preferably non acidic type, and what does not come free you you would have to manually do that carefully. The stand you could bead or walnut shell blast it. Be careful od the travel areas (carriage and ways). It will be a nice unit when it is done.


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that is a small lathe, probably used for prototyping, one offs. To answer your "large" question; I ran a lathe that had a 80 foot long bed, swung up to 20 ft diameter welded tanks. the operator RODE ON IT WITH SPARE CUTTERS, you could stop it mid turning to change the tool bit. The toolbit weighed about 5 lbs, carbide tipped and the steel bar for it was 2 " square steel. The purpose was to clean off all the welds to produce a smooth sided tank.

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