Unsustainable Wood resources

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Pete Davio

what makes these woods unsustainable? Is there no effort to replant what is being cut down? can it not be replanted?
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Kyle Edwards
I should clarify as unsustainable at the current demand and or prices. I do foresee pricing to escalate once the low hanging fruit of easy harvest has been eliminated. EX. I see trends in the wood markets from reports and customers for certain species and currently there is a huge demand for true Mahogany and spanish cedar but supplies are dwindling and prices are rising. This would be either 1- increase in demand from other sources drying up current supply and thus puttin pricing pressures on remaining inventories or 2- a reduction in output due to over harvesting. I think its a combination of both. Overharvesting is common on many central and south american species and there is not a concerted effort to ecologically sustain this practice which will ultimately result in higher prices and reduced inventories. Species that have had severe pressures exerted on them are:

Ebony is under intense pressure globally.
Indian rosewood. Efforts are being made to sustainably harvest and replant..
Big Leaf Mahogany-Cites wants to regulate to prevent commercial extinction
Brazilian Rosewood
Lignum Vitae
Carribean mahogany
Red sandlewood
Spanish Cedar

to answer your question.

Purpleheart has been exploited extensively for years because of its high strength and durability as well as its unusual color and beauty. It is increasingly rare, and is nearing extinction in parts of its original range. Purpleheart is listed as threatened in "Arboles Maderables en Peligro de Extinción en Costa Rica."

There is not a concerted effort to replace these faster than they are being harvested.

Here is a USDA publication regarding importing wood species


This lists the species most endangered among CITES listed timber species as well those that are threatened.

There are many not listed here but information can be found.
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