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I have disconnected the battery in my BMW a few times. First times were a crude way to reset the check engine light. Last time was when I replaced the battery. Never threw a code other than low voltage codes. The big thing on battery disconnection in my BMW is to be sure not to close the trunk. The trunk lock only works electrically, no key option. So if you disconnect the battery and close the trunk you have to try and find the emergency cable through the back seat to get the trunk open. Wish it had a key.

I hope your new fan light works better Scott.

I don't really want the electronic extras to go away on cars but I really think that programming them to demand a tow when the car would really still run is abusive. If the battery voltage gets a little low I do not see why the car could not go to a default tune and run a few more miles. It could really make a big difference in not making a small problem a bigger problem. Last time I needed a tow (tire shreaded itself - no spares in BMW cars) I waited 45 minutes. On a busy road, in the summer heat/humidity. A different tune would not have solved that event but there are lots of times that a car demanding a tow would be an even bigger issue. Computers are nice but the solution to a situation where they are not fully functional doesn't have to be, in effect, throwing up your hands and quit. Cars ran for a lot of years without computers and could do so again (like Scott's car apparently).


But computers make a modern engine give twice the HP, 50 % better MPG, and lower emissions.

Have to order a 4 speed fan switch. The low speed is too fast. BORG does not have simple switches any more, only fancy remotes.
Of course, there is the question if we need a computer on our drill press.


FWIW I enjoy my computerized drill press....
Yea, and it is about the only one with decent quill bearings. Just can't quite convince myself even though I hate my old Delta. Still backordered, so I have time to change my mine 20 more times.

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