The Tree Quilted Mahogany


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Hello all!
I hope that this is the right place to post this so here goes. To give y’all a better back story, my Dad was a great craftsman/wood worker/carpenter and he purchased a lot of “The Tree” slabs back in the 80’s from Florida when it first came over to the states before going out to California. He had already started a small woodworking business and was making beautiful pieces of furniture, one of which was published Fine Woodworking Magazine, and he thought that the Mahogany would be a great addition to his already impressive collection of wood. After he died from cancer in 2018, there was a article that circled around to me in regards of The Tree. The wood looked similar to that of which my dad purchased and upon doing a little more digging I found out that it was exactly that. The Tree is the most sought after for luthiers because of the unique and beautiful tone it creates. Not to mention the story behind it.

I have some slabs that I was curious if anyone was interested in purchasing? Attached are a few pictures and link to The Tree. Many thanks!

The Legend of ‘The Tree,’ a Mythic Source of 500-Year-Old Mahogany Coveted by Slash, Andy McKee, and More



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That sure is some beautiful wood!

As of AUG 2018, wood from that famous tree was valued at $1,000 per board foot.

Allied Lutherie's website is showing it for $3,000 per set (not BF).

It is beautiful wood, way above my pay grade and I am not a guitar maker by any stretch.

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