Table saw motor replacement


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I’ve got a Grizzly hybrid (G0771 currently with 2 hp motor) and contemplating upgrading the motor to a 3hp or higher? I’m comfortable with motor swap portion but I have read on a few places that sometimes it’s not that simple. Over the last few years I have slowly upgraded it to be a pretty good table saw. Replaced the fence with 50” Vega, extension table to full length of the fence, Jessem stock guides, about to build an over the blade dust hood, etc... Table is flat and have modified it to where dust collection is good and will be great once the dust hood is on. Is the motor switch just as simple as the swap out? I’ve read that it may require upgrading several other components to handle the additional force of the motor. Does anyone have experience with doing something like this? 220 is not a problem as I am already set up with 220 power in my shop. It works well but just doesn't cut as easily as I would like on some thicker/harder stock. Also, even though it is a hybrid saw, the trunnions are mounted to the cabinet not the top.
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