Symbols and Shortcuts on Index Pages

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There are many symbols on an Index page after you have performed a Search (as in clicking on "New Posts" on the Menu Bar). These symbols are found at the far left, before the Title:

is used to signify a thread with new posts in it.
marks a thread that does not have any threads that you have not read.
marks a thread you have read that you have posted to at some time.
marks a thread that is Closed for any further posting (it can still be read).
marks a thread that is Closed that contains one or more of your posts.
marks a thread that contains a Poll to solicit responses by readers.
one of several icons that a user can add to a thread to get attention.

Adjacent to the title of the thread you may see this symbol:
when clicked, takes you to the first unread post in the thread.
is shown at the end of the title on multi-page threads, has links to each page.
is used to show Tags on a thread (useful in searches for key words).
is shown under the Last Post column to allow jump to last post in thread.

In the "Ratings" column, these symbols are used:

signifies that the thread contains deleted posts.
signifies that you are subscribed to this thread.
marks a thread that has attachments (pictures)
signifies a "Sticky" thread (it stays at the top of other threads in this forum).

On the Forums Index page, these symbols may be found:
marks a forum with new threads or unread posts.
marks a forum with no new threads or posts.
marks a closed forum.

There are many shortcuts shown as well. Every title is underlined and is an active link. Click on it and you jump to that title. The User that started the thread is shown under the title. The Last Post column has the name of the last person to post as an active link. Under the Replies column, clicking on the underlined number opens a new window with the names of every user that has posted to that thread. The Forums column give the Forum Name for each thread in the index and when clicked, redirects the user to that forum page.

Hope this helps you find your way through the forums.
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