SOLD: Incra miter 5000 sled $175: Southern Wake County

Dan Bowman

Dan Bowman
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The miter gauge has been sold. This is a large and robust sled that includes a cut-off support on the left. Note that you may have to adjust where the miter bars are fastened on the sled and cut-off support due to variations in position of the miter slots on different saws, but fortunately Incra made allowance for this with three rows of screw holes. Just reposition the miter bar and establish a new cut line. I'm not sure where the hold downs are - I probably packed them and I'll see if I can find them. This is the description from Rockler's website where this sells for $370:

  • Three-panel miter sled with patented Incra incremental angle control delivers perfect, repeatable accuracy
  • Includes 36"-64" telescoping miter fence and dual flip stop
  • With 364 precision indexed angle stops over +/-90° to produce perfect, gap-free miter joints on any multi-sided object
  • Will crosscut a 25" W board with full control on a standard 10" table saw
  • Steel GlideLOCK miter bar has 10 width adjustment points for zero side play and anti-friction travel
  • Integral hold-down clamping system locks workpiece onto the sled for maximum accuracy and the cleanest cuts possible
  • Renewable right panel provides zero-clearance tear-out control and cut-off support on both sides of the blade
  • Two aluminum T-tracks are embedded in the MDF panel top to secure hold-down clamp and provide rigid support for the fence
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