SOLD 12-1/2” Belsaw Planer $450


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Belsaw Planer model 9123 from estate of our grandfather, a long time woodworker. Always took great care of his tools.
-long infeed and outfeed tables to prevent snipe
-3 HP motor, 215 frame, 1 phase/115-230V, 1755 rpm, currently wired for 230V
-3 knife cutter head
-can plane up to 12-1/2 wide board

Currently located in Shelby, NC but will be relocated this weekend to Raleigh area.
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I've heard these old Belsaws are excellent, well-made machines. And this one looks to be in very good shape.

Pop Golden

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Old Belsaw . I remember as a kid seeing ads in Popular Mechanics for the country sawmill, plane & the key making course. Everything was designed for rural farmers to cut, mill & plane their own lumber. Their equipment was tough as nails and built to last at least 4 or 5 generations. These plains were also sold by Sears. AS I remember the sawmill was the works and the farmer provided the timber frame and powered it with his tractor. This was back when America still had the pioneering spirit.

Pop :)


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My son and I separated the upper and lower sections to carry them out and load them. I would say each section weighs a shade over 100 lbs.

Pop Golden

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I forgot about the shaper feature on this plane. Belsaw tried to provide everything they could to help the farmer build his house. He could mill his logs, plane his boards and make the trimming. If he had land and timber he was in business.


Henry W

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Also found these 'shaper cutters' that go with this unit. Don’t look like ever used.
Correction of terms, at least as I understand them. These cutters for the Foley Belsaw 'molder/planer' are molding cutters, not shaper cutters.
Same effect, and similar results presumably, but a shaper has a vertical spindle and can one shape one piece at at time. A molder like this has a horizontal head that can presumably cut multiple simultaneous pieces given enough cutters; i.e. a 12.5" long cutter head might allow for mounting 4 simultaneous 3" tall profiles. Of course you would need good alignment of these cutters across the three slots and need 12 total cutters for the 3 knife head. Alignment of all of this sounds like a nightmare. I have never needed enough molding to think about using this feature of my planer/molder, even though I have some cutters too.


Bruce Swanson
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Never had the molder/planer but I owned 3 different Belsaw saw mills. Only had 2 of them running, but at different times in my life. They are good, well thought out and engineered machines. I had always hoped to buy a Belsaw molder/planer but they were of a much higher value than I could come up with. The Belsaw molder/planer for sale here is a tremendous value for the money. The machine can produce great lumber and moldings.

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