So they are called PAPR


For a lot of uses, sanding, lathe, painting, sand blasting, etc. Thinking about a powered full face shield. I wear glasses and have a full beard, so traditional sealing masks are not very good and any regular N95 or similar, just fogs both my glasses and the traditional shields. So a pressurized shield seems to make sense. I tend to beat up face shields, so cheap replaceable shield or overlay is a must.

If course, 3 M has one for the price of a decent used car. I see the TREND advertised a lot, and seemingly identical ones in different colors for 3 or 4 times the price. I know there are many others, Recommendations please. I imagine the pack and hose type to be most inconvenient.


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There used to be a competitor to the Trend that was Manufactured in the Hickory NC area (not sure exactly where and have lost their name over time) does anyone know who that was and if they are still in business?

Bryan S

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I prefer the CAPR. I forget what the acronyms mean but with the CAPR all the works are in the helmet, you just have the battery hooked to your belt and power cord to the helmet. At Conehealth we use a product from MAXAIR and this has a reusable and replaceble face shield

While I have not worn one for extended periods of time I have had them on when I have had to enter a room with a COVID patient. I have no idea what the cost is and may be the price of a good used car.


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I have a Breathe Cool unit that I use in the paint room. I usually use the mask with it like this one:

I also have the hood for it but only use it for nasty paints. If you are looking for a self contained unit then this system is not as convenient. But the advantage of a unit like this with an air pump on the other end of a hose is that I can set the pump outside the finishing room and pass the hose through a port I placed in the wall.


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I have the Trend and like it, mostly. It works well. It is expensive, somewhat bulky, and the batteries take a long time to charge--about 12-14 hours. Unfortunately, I am finding I am using it less than when I first got it as it is a little less convenient than a simple dust mask. I like it best if I am doing something that slings chips, etc. but also note that visibility, for me, is somewhat restricted when trying to do detail work.


Simple masks don't seal well on a beard and N-95 style fog my glasses and even worse a traditional face shield.
I am going to give the RZ mask a try and see if it fits better than a formed mask.

That sure is a long charge time. Must be old technology. Or do they make a faster charger for even more money? Slow charge as a way to get you to pay even more? Price of the Trend seems high considering what it is compared to all my other battery powered devices.

Michael Mathews

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Scott, I have the Ellipse P100 that I use for other things when I'm not turning. With the P100, my glasses to not fog! If you have any interest in checking one out, you're welcome to look at mine. They're available at Klingspor ... Link ->. Search

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