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I apologize. The forums site outgrew the disk it was living in and unfortunately, I've been halfway around the world in the past few weeks. In attempting to correct the problem, I toasted the system and had to restore it from a backup. The good news, is we now have twice as much disk available. The bad news, is we probably lost a half of Wednesday's activity. I felt it was better to get the site back quickly than to continue to poke at it. My apologies.


Tom from Clayton

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I appreciate what you do. When the site goes down I know you are doing everything possible to fix whatever went wrong. It seems like an impossible task to me.


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Thanks Ron.

I tried to get on the site all day a few days ago and it would never load. Safari couldn't find the page


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NP ........... Ron, You are in Luck ... it turned out none of us posted ANYTHING yesterday - ;) ......what you're saying is as the forum gets older you can upgrade the Memory ......... think you can help us with our memory ? -:p


Phillip Cooper
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I think that anyone that has been on your side of the web site (or any web site) would understand your position. I certainly do, and appreciate all your hard work. When it doesn't work, I just hang out for a while knowing it'll be back before long.


Thanks for all your hard work. Don't worry, if I posted anything on Wednesday, I have almost for sure forgotten about it. Ah, the pleasures growing old.

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