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I am excited to have won a prize at the picnic raffle, but alas, it is not one I need. If I lived closer to Durham, I might go for kicks and grins, but since I don't, I'd like to see it put to better use by someone on the forum that has an interest. I would like to offer this up for sale for $200, but will entertain any and all offers. I'll trade or sell to the best offer. As for trade, I am in the market for a good planer, scroll saw, dust collector/cyclone and possibly something else in good condition you find you aren't using. Please send me a message on this forum if you are interested with your offer of cash or goods for trade.

The online description reads as follows:
Our 2-day Basic Training is held at our Durham, NC headquarters. This group training takes students from an introduction about how ShopBots work to hands-on design and machining.

Classes begin each day at 9:00AM and end at 5:00PM. Lunch will be provided each day, as well as bagels/a light breakfast and coffee each morning starting at 8:30AM. Please note any dietary restrictions in the online form you received a link to in your confirmation email. That way we can accommodate as appropriately as possible.

Prior to coming to your training, we ask that you please download the demo version of VCarve Pro, found on Homepage | Vectric, and familiarize yourself with the software to get the most out of the class.

Cost $300

Bring a friend to share your computer station with for no additional charge. Limited availability for sharing a reservation. Ask a sales person for details.

No experience necessary. Focus is on beginner to intermediate users. Experienced users find basic training to be useful as a refresher for: tool maintenance, updates to design software, and control software.


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