Several "sticky" threads in the Help Desk need to be reviewed/updated

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There are several "sticky" notes in the Help desk that need to be reviewed/updated:

[h=2]Link for Commonly Asked Questions (and helpful answers!) no longer links to helpful info[/h][h=2]Composing a post buttons, what are those for? - written in 2/10 - may still be accurate, but would be nice if the actual icon was posted beside the topic[/h]
[h=2]How to upload files - old fashioned full flavored - written in 2008 - needs to reviewed/modified[/h]
[h=2]Symbols and Shortcuts on Index Pages - written in 2008 - still accurate?[/h]

[h=2]Bulk Photo Uploads - written in 2008 - still accurate?[/h]
[h=2]How to include a link in your post - probably still accurate but can actual icon be inserted into instructions?[/h]FYI, I wasn't really unable to sleep, or looking for things to do, but I tripped across these when I was including the reference to these topics in the one of the "duties" of the Development Director.


I'm not certain with respect to all of the above. However, Bas was kind enough to provide us with an updated Article on the Photo Upload process. It is titled "How to add a picture to your post".

I'm not certain, but I believe the "Bulk photo upload" process is still correct, but only available for admins (staff?) and not ordinary users... but my recollection could be wrong (it allows uploading photos into other user's galleries). The "Bulk Admin Options" is displayed at the bottom of the photo upload options window (if it is available for that user).

The Symbols sticky needs to have many (most?) of it's icons updated sometime. You can generally right-click on the various icons displayed on our site and most browsers provide some method to either copy the image's URL or to display the image in its own window (in which case you can obtain the full URL from your browser's location bar). In Firefox, right-clicking on an icon can either be viewed/location identified by any of the following choices: View Image, Copy Image Location, View Image Info, or View Background Image.

Regarding the "How to include a link" post... you will need to extract the desired icon from the following: which is a single HTML5 sprite file which contains nearly all the icons normally displayed in our reply editors -- it is the 7th column of icons from the left, top row.

Regarding the "Composing a post, what are the buttons for" -- I think the title is misleading as it seems more geared towards defining what the various buttons UNDER a post in thread-view are for, rather than with regard to the actual Reply Editor. Nonetheless, while it is almost entirely accurate (still) it lost nearly all of it's icons in our upgrade, so the icons need to be added back into the post (see earlier paragraph on how to obtain icon URLs).

The "Commonly Asked Questions" sticky should probably be removed. A new commonly asked questions FAQ should probably be created under our new Articles CMS section. Odds are good that the old document would have become largely irrelevant after the upgrade to vBulletin 4.x any how. We just need a list of new commonly asked questions for our FAQ page.

Just my $0.02 -- I hope it helps.
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