rusty blades


how rusty is too, rusty? I've about a dozen blades that fit my Parks Century BS [that's still looking for a buyer] & I thought I'd include them. The sides that were facing the tires are relatively rust-free. But the outer sides have surface rust. ..but, no deep pitting.

The teeth are clean enuff to resharpen. However, is any rust a no-no?
Or is it OK to run, kinda, rusty blades? And as far as rust removal... a very fine grade of sandpaper? ...and/or WD40 as a light rust solvent - yes, I know it's not meant for that.


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I second the Evapo-rust. Easy to do, effective, and no lingering oil to contaminate the wheel tire. If any have a lot of pitch on them, throw them into a pan of Krud Kutter first to remove the pitch. Just let them soak for 20 minutes and then either wipe with a rag in the oppsite direction of the teeth, or use a toothbrush if its thick. Rinse and let dry. Krus Kutter is the best thing I have found to get even burnt pitch off of table saw, chain saw and band saw blades. Both the Evapo-rust and the Krud Kutter can be reused. Just let the heavy particles settle out and decant into a storage container.

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