Rocking chair plans ?

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After seeing Pete M's chairs posted last week ithink this a project that needs to be moved from the someday list to the now list.
Is anyone familar with the plans by Charles Brock ? You get a full size of templates/ dvd/ and book for 89.99 at Highland Woodworking. Is the plans set decent quality ? Any input would be a big help.


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I haven't seen them (the plans) but the chair looks pretty good and $90 is a reasonable price. Not to mention:

Order now in advance and receive FREE a beautiful autographed 11x17 chair poster plus FREE membership in "Chuck's Rocking Chair Studio" :wink_smil

I don't know how good his instructions are but having full size templates is a definite plus.
One thing I'd suggest is to make your first one out of something inexpensive. I used SYP 2x12's for the one I made and they set me back about $20 so I didn't have to worry about how many mistakes I made.



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The book "Chairmaking Simplified" by Pierce, published by Popular Woodworking is a pretty good book. I am using some plans in it for my first chairs.


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I recommend taking a class with JSR Woodworking (Woodguy). The cost is significantly higher but well worth the money. After taking this class, you can design a rocking chair or any other similar Maloof style chair yourself without purchasing plans again.
Also, Fine woodworking has an excellent "extra" issue with dimensions etc for furniture design. Only $6 at Costco as opposed to $8.99 at book store. Does not come with subscrption (at least I did not receive it). Also the September Fine Woodworking has a tribute to Maloof with some nice photos.


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If I was looking, I'd look on-line, and at my LOCAL LIBRARY. However, seeing as how I have a batch of books gotten from used book stores over the years, now if I was looking I'd look thru my book collection first.

Another however, I saw a picture of one of the Stickley designed rocking chairs some years ago (still have the magazine) that absolutely impressed me, and intend on making my own version as soon as I get a couple of other projects out of the way first.
:eusa_dancPlans? Plans? Don' need no steenkin' plans. :icon_thum
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