Red Fir Recycle


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I was at the Restore and they had a pile of junk wood they were giving away. I grabbed some 1 x 12 planks 5 ft long. They were covered with some nasty cloth and stained with a bunch of something. My wife looked at me and asked WHY ? are you getting this?..."Free and that wood is awesome" She just rolled her eyes and said "right" until today. I cleaned them up ran 'em through the planer and sealed the wood. This is what I they look like now. This stuff is really too good for shelves, but that is why I grabbed them. Pretty Red Fir........ pretty nice now.

The Brass screws is what they used to hold the old cabinets that I demo'd........ yeah I kept those... ;)


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Good find. Pretty wood. I hadn't seen red fir in such a long time that I forgot about it. A related find for me was a water bed base find at a Habitat Restore made of clear, 2 X 12 Douglas Fir. It wasn't free though. I had to pay $5.00!
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