Re-purpose Dust Collector


I am always one to try and re-use and re-purpose where possible before I scrap something. In a recent auction I obtained the filter portion of a large industrial dust collector. There is a an angled portion connected by a few bolts to a square portion with 4 large holes where the filter bags are connected. I thought about selling it, but seems like a pretty specific component and I haven't had much interest after throwing it up on ebay. Before I offer it up for scrap, I thought I would look for some ideas on how I might re-purpose it. The angled portion might work as a scoop chip collector for my lathe, but it is pretty large and not sure I could create enough suction for it to be effective.
For the square portion, I thought I could potentially make a downdraft sanding table by blocking a couple of the holes, creating a connector to a dust collector hose and topping it off with a pegboard top. However, it is pretty large and I don't often need to sand things that large and am concerned I could create enough suction for it to be effective.

Before I scrap it, any thoughts on what it could be used for?


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