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So I just recently gotten a new job from in the field to desk jockey. I wanted a desk fan and thought it would give me a nice project to work on. The fan is an Airplate S3 which is primarily made for flush mounting in large electrical cabinets to blow out the hot air. The good thing about these aside from the really sweet metal face plate, was that you can link multiples together and you have a high medium and low switch.

I had some of what I assume is maple (one for sure is, but not sure of the other) and made a couple angled frames. To dress it up a bit (and experiment) I added some walnut dowels. This was my first time using dowels on miters. I would have preferred a through dowel at a 45 but couldnt figure it out. There was slight tear out near a couple of the edges but its ok for a quick and dirty frame.

Finish was done my a friend of mine. He recently started using rubio monocote and really likes it. After checking the frames out when he finished, I do to! Easy one step application, no brush marks/overspray, and very subtle. Not too much sheen. Definitely gets a thumbs up from me!

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Pop Golden

I was very involved with building the City of Charlotte's government TV operation. I had 14 racks all with it's own little fan like the one you used. These little guys do move a good amount of air and are very quiet. Since I have seen these little guy used in all sorts of applications. Your fan looks great and I bet it works well too.


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